Journal 8.12.17

Saturday – It’s mid morning as I take time to write today. It’s heating up in this part of Texas with the high temps around 97F today. I am grateful that the vent system works well in my cell, but I am ready to go back to Dallas County where the building is air-conditioned. That time will be here very quickly.

Yesterday I heard that Lanny Swearingen was given another execution date on the news. It’s for November 16, 2017. That’s just a little over 90 days away. Lanny is a friend of mine and this is not his first execution date. I’m thinking about him and all the guys on death watch. That’s a very difficult thing to go through and I hope all of them find a way off death watch ASAP!

Journal 8.11.17

Friday – Another week has flown by and it’s the beginning of the weekend for me. This week has brought us the start of preseason American football. I think back to my earliest years when I was 5-6 years old in Midland TX and we had three channels on the TV. They were the ABC, NBC, and CBS networks. After church on Sundays we would come home and the TV would be on showing the weekly Dallas Cowboy football game. Dad was a die-hard Cowboy fan as he followed the team since the beginning – 1960. So for me enjoying football and being a Cowboy fan is a family thing. I look forward to the great entertainment the games bring me. I learned long ago that I need time off from the stressful life that I live. So I’m ready for the season and here it comes.

Journal 8.8.17

Tuesday – This morning I was pleasantly surprised with a visit with the Rev. He has been ill and I’ve not seen him in over a month and I have been thinking of him a lot. Well he surprised me at 8 am this morning. He was doing okay – and we have a great time together as always. I always learn something in each visit with the Rev. So his presence in my life is a Blessing. I hope he gets back to visiting us on a monthly basis – I need that in my life.

Today is a very special day. Twenty six years ago today my forever friend Abby was born. I hope and pray you have a fantastic birthday Abby Lady – one that’s spend with those you love celebrating life! You’re only 20 something once so you must live each day to the fullest, giving your max effort so you squeeze the most out of Life! Max effort = no regrets.

Journal 8.4.17

Friday – I look up and another week has zoomed by. Each day brings me closer to my trip back to Dallas. I am super ready for that. My focus has been on preparing myself for the opportunity the trip back for the evidentiary hearing brings. I have my weekend planned out – lots of responding to letters and listening to the radio. It is American Football time for us and I am ready for that. It seems like I have been really pushing myself in making my best effort better and better and it’s about time for some first rate entertainment – football.

Journal 8.1.17

Tuesday – I visited with Glenna yesterday and had a great time with her. I always have a good visit with her and come away feeling so much better after my time with her.

I saw someone in the visit room who told me about Big Tai’s last days. He had difficulties with his last visits and did not see his family as he hoped. The prison said it was a mix up with the people that run this place. I used to laugh at the big man because he NEVER did anything wrong or bad – but things were always going that way with him. Well he is past all that now and there will be no more “mix ups” with his visits.

I continue to think of the guys on death watch and hope they make the most of that very difficult situation. It’s not easy facing the end these devils want to give you. I hope they can avoid it.

Journal 7.31.17

Monday – Back into working at getting as much done as I can each and every day. I am super aware of what is to come in the very near future so I’ve got to get as much done as I can today. here lately I choose to refuse recreation and keep my focus and not stop. It is difficult for me to get into the mind set of all business because it’s not easy. It’s easy to mess around and read, listen to music, sleep late. I can do that with no effort. Setting goals for the defense campaign and working non stop till you reach them – that’s hard.

Journal 7.27.17

Thursday – Today is my brother Taichin Preyor’s execution date. This is the date the State of Texas has chosen to murder him in the name of justice and if the state has their way, he will not see tomorrow. It is especially difficult for me to think about the men who I have grown close to being pushed out of existence. When their time gets close it makes me think of my time spent staring death in the eye and getting less than a week away from my own execution.

I think I’d been on death watch of 45-60 days when these devils brought Big Tai into the section. That was the LAST thing I wanted to see. It’s hard enough coping with my situation how in the hell was I supposed to deal with one of my best friends being readied for slaughter just like me? It was almost too much to bear. I was grateful that Big Tai’s attorney was able to persuade the judges to withdraw his execution date so he was only on death watch for maybe a month. But earlier this year he was given another execution date and has been back on death watch for three months.

Today at noon and at 5 PM I listened to the Texas State News Network update on Big Tai and they say his appeal is pending on the US Supreme Court. I am afraid that is not very good news. The Supreme Court rarely stops executions. I have now listened to the execution watch and know his final appeal was filed at 4 PM. This will be stretched out until the night time.

Journal 7.26.17

Wednesday – Today is letter writing day. I’ve not been able to write as I had wanted to with my legal writing and summaries to be done as well. I am doing more letters to get caught up with family and friends all over. I am feeling good about that – when I write I am not in this awful cell. No, I am there with the person that I write and that is always a wonderful thing and gets me out of this dump! I love that.

Journal 7.25.17

Tuesday – It’s been a long day and I’ve gotten a lot done. I have written the article requested by Sergine for the ACAT newsletter. I was waiting to do that as I needed the new evidentiary hearing date. Not that is done and I feel good about it. I am thinking about the months of August and September and how we must make the most of this time leading up to the hearing. Keep pushing – keep going as hard as we can – can’t stop won’t stop now.