Innocent on Texas Death Row

Charles Don Flores is on Texas death row for a crime he did not commit. He was wrongfully convicted with no credible evidence whatsoever. There are no fingerprints, no blood, no DNA or other forensic evidence against him; no confession, and he has ALWAYS denied committing this crime.

Instead the prosecution built case on an unreliable witness who was hypnotized by the police and who was also subjected to other suggestive identification procedures all of which manufactured this false identification.

At the time of this crime, Charles was with his family an hour’s drive away from the crime scene. He was unable to present his alibi defense because of prosecutorial misconduct in which the government’s prosecutors threatened Charles’ family and friends with being sent to prison if they helped him.

Charles’ incompetent trial attorneys allowed this to occur. They did not object to this misconduct which resulted in Charles sitting through his trial and not calling any witnesses tp prove his whereabouts when this crime was committed. In this manner Charles Don Flores was convicted without a shred of physical evidence to prove his guilt.

In January 2016, Charles was given an execution date for June 2, 2016 and was held on death watch, where prisoners with execution dates are housed, for the next 5 months.

After Charles’ attorney filed his final appeal (dowload legal document in PDF) focusing on the issue that the hypnotized witnesses false identification was unreliable, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeal issued a stay of execution and ordered an evidentiary hearing on the issue of junk science/hypnosis. In this evidentiary hearing, Charles and his legal team will have the opportunity to present evidence that an injustice was committed against hi, that he was wrongly convicted and that he is an innocent man!

Charles and his legal team are currently preparing for this upcoming evidentiary hearing that will be held on October 10th, 2017. He is also working with friends and supporters to raise adequate funding to pay for the scientific experts he will need at the evidentiary hearing. Please help him reach his goals by spreading the word of his case and donating what you can!

“I’m sure you understand, brothers and sisters, and hurry! The hour hand is sweeping like the second hand; time is of the essence, so please help me reach the ultimate goals of Justice and Freedom! Please let me know you care and contact me soon!”

Charles D. Flores