Looking forward – July 25, 2017

Looking forward – July 25, 2017.

« If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible but if you schedule it, it’s real. » — Anthony Robbins.

[Charles Don Flores is an innocent man of Mexican-American descent on Texas death row for a murder that Rick Childs, a white man, confessed and pled guilty to and received 35 years for. After serving 17 yrs, Childs was released on parole and is a free man today.]

In 1999, I was convicted and sentenced to die for a crime another individual confessed and pled guilty to. After being sentenced, I was taken to Texas death row to be held until my sentence could be carried out and I’ve spent the next 18 yrs living in a 9×12 foot cell for a crime I did not commit. I think of that initial period in my life nearly 20 yrs ago and of the men I met who counseled me to pick up the pieces of my life and make the most of it. It was at that point that the dream began to form in my mind and I started to talk about it. I didn’t know how I would accomplish it – but from that point forward I was determined to reach my dream.

It amazes me how in  spite of the fact that I had just been railroaded all the way to the death house God did not abandon me. No, not by a long shot and instead I began to meet amazing people who would become the best friends I’ve ever had in my life. The first of these was Christophe Naud, who lived in Thonon-les-Bains. In the early 2000’s I had a handful of friends and Christophe came into my life and with him all my friends with ACAT. Through Christophe I met Blanche, Julienne, Anne-Marie, Agnes, Sergine and André – the list goes on forever and these amazing friends and members of ACAT began to talk about my hopes and dreams with me and together we began to envision it.

We began to envision the dream together even thinking we had turned the corner with my situation and with the new U.S. Supreme Court rulings of Martinez and Trevino we could see the dream begin to come true. Then, in 2014, the worst possible thing happened, the federal appeal court denied my federal appeal which triggered a Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals denial. Then, the big one – the U.S. Supreme Court denied my appeal. Shortly thereafter I was given an execution date for June 2nd 2016.

Thus began the most intense, harrowing and stressful period of my life that I’ve ever experienced. It was during this point of this saga that all my friends in France and across the world gathered around me and continually rained their love, strength and compassion down upon me. To the point that when the enemy might have thought I’d be at my weakest, I was my strongest – with the power of 100 bears within me! For the next 5 months, I did not know if I would live or die – but on an intuitive level I knew! I knew I had countless friends and supporters helping me, standing with me and most importantly we had God with us. I think back to that time in my life and how when I would feel overwhelmed and unable to continue I would think of all those who stood with me and it was from that well of love and compassion that I’d draw the strength to keep going. To be clear, the 5 months I was on death watch and saw 6 of my brothers be taken away and be murdered in the name of justice, where my father passed away 14 days before my scheduled execution was extremely traumatic for me. Coming within 6 days of my own revenge-murder left me with post-traumatic stress disorder of which I’m just now overcoming. I think about what kept me from breaking, what gave me the strength to continue the fight for my life and it was you never let me down or forget that I was not alone. That all my friends and supporters who were dreaming with me and who still envisioned me one day walking out of this death camp had not left me.

Any you know what? God was listening too and what happened next was nothing short of a miracle – I went from being less than a week away from my execution to winning a once in a lifetime opportunity to prove that I was wrongfully convicted and that I am innocent in an evidentiary hearing now set for October 11, 2017 (1)! This miracle was manifested by every one of us dreaming together, envisioning together and centering our thoughts and prayers on this amazing outcome.

As I’ve said before and will continue to say – this would not have been possible alone. I would have been executed on June 2nd 2016, when the State of Texas had decided I must die for a crime another confessed to. If we did not have each every one of you holding me in your thoughts and prayers, doing everything you continue to do to support me, I would only be a memory now. For this I again thank you and will always be eternally grateful!

Recently, I came across the above quote and knew it to be an absolute truth, one which I would take and live my life by.

Together we’ve dreamed of our goals, we’ve then envisioned them making them possible and now to complete the manifestation of the miracle of us winning justice and freedom we will schedule it. Let us all schedule the beginning of my release celebration to begin on September 5th 2018! With your continued thoughts, prayers and support now focused on this specific date, the outcome of the evidentiary hearing is a foregone conclusion. In about a year, I’ll be living part II of my life we’ve now scheduled to begin September 5, 2018. The 20 years spent on Texas death row will be a distant memory and my next 40 years will be lived in freedom! I live this, breathe this, believe this and have absolute faith in this outcome. And with you and God by my side, who has any hope of stopping us? No one!


Charles D. Flores

Flores’ evidentiary hearing date was originally scheduled to begin September 5, 2017. It was moved to October 11, 2017 to accommodate the schedule of an expert witness who will be testifying in the hearing.

Looking Forward – Dreaming

June 11, 2017

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality.”          –John Lennon

Dear Friends,

As I sit in this 9×12 foot cell that I’ve been locked away in for nearly two decades I think back to when I was first sent to Texas death row. In 1999 I was just another indigent prisoner of color from Dallas, Texas, a city known for the racist views it’s government officials have against minorities, and I’d just been through a sham trial and sentencing process that I did not understand and had no idea how I had ended up on Texas death row. But I had dream and this dream was to some how, some way, prove that I was an innocent man who had been wrongly convicted. Having a dream at this point in my life was what kept me going, kept the fire within me alive and refused to allow this situation to break me.
Not too long after that a lovely lady named Nelly Paulou from France wrote me and after becoming friends and me sharing what happened to me she became the leader of a Struggle for Justice group that supported me. It was at this point the dream I was dreaming alone started to become reality because I was no longer alone in my dreaming, now many were sharing the same dream with me and working towards manifesting this grand dream into reality.

That was about 15 years ago. To say the least it’s been a harrowing ride and last year I lived under the threat of an execution date for over 5 months. That was the most intense and traumatic event that I have ever experienced and over a year later I am just now overcoming the post traumatic stress syndrome that I was left with which resulted from getting within 6 days of my execution. I think of that time now and what kept me strong, and what was me lifeline was the fact that I knew I was not alone. That me friends and supporters who began dreaming with me were still be me side along with so many more. And what happened next was that my very dire situation went to a once in a lifetime opportunity to prove that I was wrongfully convicted and am Innocent in the evidentiary hearing that’s now set for September 5, 2017. This development is nothing less than a miracle that was manifested by so many friends dreaming together.
And it would not have happened without the love, compassion and support from my friends all across France and the world! Who would have thought that little ole me would somehow find a way to share my dream with others and endure this experience that’s killed so many and now be poised to win my freedom and walk out of this terrible place forever?!

It would have not been possible alone. I would have been pushed out of existence on June 2, 2016 the day the State of Texas had marked for my legal revenge/murder if I did not have each one of you holding me in thought and in prayer and doing all you’ve done and continue to do to support me. For this I am eternally grateful. Not just for me but for all the men and women on death row across this country. Surviving the insanity of being sentenced to death would be impossible without the love and compassion of all those who stand against the death penalty. And for all my brothers and sisters I say thank you!

Things are very exciting for me right now. In less than 90 days I will have the evidentiary hearing and I know that with the continued thoughts, prayers and support from all who stand with me the outcome of the hearing will be a foregone conclusion. In a year, maybe 2 I’ll be living the dream we’ve shared for so long. I’ll be leaving this new age death camp and will live the next 40 years of my life in freedom! I live this, breathe this, believe this and have complete faith in this outcome; and with you by my side who will be able to stand against us and succeed? No one!


Charles D Flores, No 999299

Looking Forward – Forever Friends

By: Charles D Flores #999299

June 4, 2017

I began this epic saga/journey/nightmare, whatever name fits best, in 1999. Over 19 years ago I was sent to Texas Death Row for a crime I did not commit and I’ve been fighting for my life ever since. To put it mildly, this 19 year experience in my life has not been easy. More often that I would care to admit I as not sure I was going to make it. But when I would find myself on my knees having been knocked down by a savage blow that life had give me, what would always give me strength to get back on my feet again was the love and compassion that my friends would give me. I think back to the summer of 1999, and my first friend that I met via correspondence was a young guy named Antonie. He was a law student in Switzerland and he was a very good friend. He was with me when I first began my confinement on Texas death row and I was in contact with him for several years. They next friend was a lovely lady from England named Debbie. She was such a positive influence in my life, helping me mature, learn to grow, and become a better human being. While we no longer exchange letters like we used to, we’re still in contact and close friends.

I can’t begin to count the friends that have come into my life since then. Some stay for a season maybe two, and others are friends for life and I call these amazing people forever friends. Each friend that comes into my life plays a critical part and I believe has been connected with me by the Universe for a specific reason. Maybe I’m feeling less than 100% and so are they, and together by helping each other with love, compassion, and support we can heal each other. Others might even be able to visit me and get to know me in person! That’s as good as it gets on Texas death row. Visits are the best thing we get here and mail/correspondence is a close second. Everyone plays a part in life and I know there is no chance or coincidence about it.

Without a doubt the best friends that I have ever had in my life I’ve met as a result of being on Texas death row. Friends who have blown me away with their love and compassion, friends who have made me want to be a better person because they are such wonderful people and I can’t stand the thought of disappointing them. It’s amazing to say that and I feel so blessed to have these kinds of true friendships by my side through thick and thin.

19 years is a long time. I think back to the beginning when I was first sent to Texas death row and I would not allow myself to dare think about what it would be like to leave this place on day. I had severely incompetent trial attorneys and as soon as I got to death row I was saddled with 2 more state level court appointed attorneys who were worse! These were the lawyers who were supposed to help me get out of this place? With guys like them representing me I didn’t need enemies! So I was not thinking about freedom because I knew the consequences of having ineffective assistance of counsel on state level appeals by my attorneys. It usually meant you were DEAD! So much so that I got to within 6 days of being DEAD which was a direct result of these original state level attorneys’ incompetence. But that’s a story for another day. My point is that for a long time I’ve been engaged in the fight of my life, trying to stay alive because where there is life there is hope! And when I’d find myself on the ground beaten and bruised, the love, compassion and support that my friends had for me was the well from which I drew the strength required to get back up and continue the fight. For this I am forever grateful.

In January of 2017, I met a new friend. From the first letter I knew she was special and that w’d be the best of friends and she would help me and more importantly I’d be able to help her. Call it intuition, call it whatever, I just knew! Since January I’ve gotten to know my friend quite well and she just amazes me and makes me want to be a better person. She’s my teacher and is currently teaching me about feminism, which I think rocks! She’s teaching me about websites and hashtags and all kinds of super cool stuff which I love! And this month I will meet my friend  at visit! I’m so excited about that and looking forward to it. And we’ve even talked about the things we’d like to do together when I’m free which is amazing and so thrilling that it gives me chills because I KNOW this is going to happen. I know something else too. I know my friend Abby who I met in January is also a forever friend and that realization brings me joy like you wouldn’t believe! I’m a blessed man to have friends like mine and to everyone I say thank you for being who you are, for caring about me, and for allowing me to care for you!


Charles D Flores

Chance of a Lifetime – Evidentiary Hearing

By: Charles D Flores, #999299

Monday, May 29, 2017

I have a brother here named Big G and not too long after I won the stay of execution and evidentiary hearing I was blessed to be moved to a cell near Big G which gave me a confidant I could talk to. Now G is a special guy he is on his own spiritual journey which has a Buddhist flavor and is very mature, insightful, and I value his option and advice. One day we had an opportunity to have outside rec together and this means we’re put outside on the 2 recreation yards that are side by side and can have a private conversation. While enjoying this rec time together I expressed to my brother that it seemed like an unusual number of small things in my life were going wrong. Nothing big or life altering, just a bunch of small annoying stuff that makes life a little harder (and sometimes a lot harder) than it should be. Big G’s immediate response was, “That’s because you’re getting ready to go home! When a miracle like that is happening in your life all kinds of small stuff goes wrong and that’s the enemy trying to knock you off course.” My brother told me this about 8-9 months ago and when he said it I heard the ring of absolute truth in his words. He was correct in every way and I’ve kept that truth with me since then.

I’m about 90 days away from the chance of a lifetime that is my evidentiary hearing. For the past month my life has been completely centered around this event because I must give my absolute best effort in making this opportunity count. I’m not going to get 10-15 evidentiary hearings. No, I’m getting one and in this evidentiary hearing I must lay it all on the line and make sure I give my 100% best effort, then trust The Universe to see to manifesting part II of the miracle that is winning my freedom. During this intense period of my life my mantra has been, “let nothing or no one distract you from your purpose and goal!” This is what I keep telling myself but it’s not easy!!

In the past 30 days I’ve experienced more than a few unpleasant surprises in my life. Nothing that spells the end of me (I don’t think!), but still a bunch of drama that I do not want or need. And during those occurrences I keep telling myself to let nothing or no one distract you from your true purpose and goal in life!

I know that when thins get like this in life I must go within myself and once again find my balance and center and I do this with my spiritual practice. When I tend to my spiritual practice (Prayer Meditation Visualization) I find absolute truths that I forget when I allow myself to be caught up in the drama, distractions, and unpleasant surprises that come my way.

I am one with the infinite Source and the Source is one with me. This morning I once again found this truth that I am connected to the Source and the Source connects me to all living things. I was so grateful to be able to find this absolute truth once more and be remembered of it when I needed it the most. This was an “Aaaaah” moment for me and when I allowed myself to merge back with the Source I felt my balance and center lock back in place.

When I’m dealing with these annoying issues that have gone wrong I all too often see myself as separate from the Source because it is second nature to me and a very bad habit to take such things personally and in the process allow ego to hijack my person. Ego is always waiting for me to falter and when I’m under stress it makes its move, whispering in my ear, “They did that to you? Who in the hell do they think they are?!!!” And with this great like makes me believe that I’m separate from the Source. Because no one knows us better than our ego, it has been with us since the day we became conscious of right from wrong.

This morning I remembered this great truth that we all come from the same Source and to be clear the Source has more than one name. It’s also knows as God, Universe, the Word, the Holy Spirit, etc. The key is setting ourselves connected to all living things, people, trees, and animals. If I can see myself in everyone than I am connected.

Of course this is much easier said than done. When I find myself facing others who have declared themselves my enemies and wish ill will, even execution, upon me, it’s very difficult. But that’s my goal and living life in gratitude gets me closer to it. As does “thinking from the end, ” which is through visualization seeing myself surrounded by the people and things I need in my life as a free man; and meditation and prayer.

For me that is the antidote to my ego’s evil plans. More meditation means less wgo and that’s something I could really use.

These many attaches from the enemy are proof that I’m close. He is concerned that I will reach my ultimate goal, and he ought to be! Nothing will stop me from pushing into freedom and part II of my life forever free and far away from here.

Love, Peace, Hope & Freedom

Charles D Flores