WHERE AS I, CHARLES DON FLORES, being an American of Mexican descent on death row for a crime I did not commit;

I MUST–Live my life in gratitude and give my love and forgiveness to those who stand with me and also those who do not;

I MUST–Learn all the lesson’s life continues to teach me & in turn share what I experience with others, to listen and learn, love, forgive, and live each day to the fullest;

I MUST–Always remember my brothers and sisters whose lives have been taken in the name on (in)justice; always be their voice, a voice for those who have none;

I MUST–Always strive to be a man of honor and respect whose lives his life with integrity; being the man my mother and father are proud of;

I MUST–Continue to fight for justice and freedom and never accept anything less; give my all to the fight for my life, and when at last free fight to abolish the death penalty until it is gone forever;

I MUST–On my worst day be my best, never growing discouraged or indulging in doubt or self pity; always keeping my head held high, spring in my step and my eyes on the prize;

I MUST–Stand against all injustices, be a protector of the weak, infirm, and unable; to always be there for others and help those in need;

I MUST–Protect the Earth and the mountains and the trees, the flowers and all that is green; protect Her water which is the source of life for all living things;

I MUST– Each day be a patient, loving and kind human being as I can; affirming the fact that the twelve who judged me incapable of this were wrong!

BECAUSE I AM AN INNOCENT MAN who has been condemned to death I am becoming the man I am destined to be; and for this miracle I thank you!

By Charles D. Flores

April 2, 2017



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  1. Hello Big Bear Bro’
    I am praying, everything will be fine for you on 11.05.
    With love from France

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