Live Video of “Anatomy of a Wrongful Conviction” event

Facebook Live of “Anatomy of a Wrongful Conviction: The Case of Charles Don Flores” event that took place on June 8th, 2023 in DeSoto, Texas. Part I: Part II : ... Read More

Anatomy of a Wrongful Conviction – join us on June 8th!

  Please join us on for a community engagement event that will focus on Charles’s case as a vehicle for dissecting wrongful convictions—how they happen and why they are so difficult to unwind. It is sponsored by the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty with an impressive number of co-sponsors.   Details: Thursday, June ... Read More

Forensic hypnosis is big in Texas. Here’s how it got its start

Texas Public Radio | By David Martin Davies Published December 14, 2021 at 6:00 AM CST When you think of “hypnosis” it’s probably unlikely you’d picture a Texas law enforcement officer. After all, Texas cops are known for their no nonsense approach to fighting crime. But actually, Texas has one of the most active forensic hypnosis ... Read More

One and Done: Researchers Urge Testing Eyewitness Memory Only Once

By Inga Kiderra November 03, 2021 To prevent wrongful convictions, only the first identification of a suspect should be considered We all know the scene from countless courtroom dramas: A witness points at the defendant and confidently declares to judge and jury: “That’s the one, that’s who did it!” But is it? Perhaps. If that ... Read More

[Podcast] Ask the Witness Only Once

Source : Podcast of the Association for Psychological Science. When an eyewitness stands up in court and identifies the person they say committed a crime, the impact can be powerful and effective. This dramatic testimony can be sincere and honest. It can also be wrong and tragically lead to wrongful convictions, lifelong incarcerations, and even ... Read More

D.A.s Are Asking Biden to End the Death Penalty. But Some Are Still Wielding It Themselves

By Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg Apr 05, 2021 Prosecutors who have championed criminal justice reforms are still seeking death sentences, opposing appeals, and, in some cases, have even petitioned for execution dates. On the morning of Jan. 29, 1998, Jill Barganier saw two men outside the home of her neighbor, Elizabeth Black, in Farmers Branch, Texas, according ... Read More

The Flores case shows how our criminal justice system mishandles eyewitness testimony

By John Wixted and Patricia A. Riley 1:30 AM on Sep 19, 2020 CDT Eyewitness testimony is reliable, but only under specific circumstances Charles Don Flores is on death row in Texas, where he was convicted as an accomplice to a murder committed in 1998. If the U.S. Supreme Court does not intervene, his execution ... Read More

Convictions based on the pseudoscience of hypnosis allow for the miscarriage of justice

By John Wixted and Patricia A. Riley 1:30 AM on Sep 19, 2020 CDT The Flores case is an example of using “junk” science for a murder conviction. Since the inception of criminal investigations, the techniques and procedures used in these inquests have been plagued by pseudoscientific claims. From spectral evidence allowed at the Salem ... Read More

[Video] Texas Police Hypnotize Crime Victims

WATCH: Texas police are hypnotizing crime victims and using the ‘evidence’ to imprison people. By NowThis. To learn more about police hypnosis in Texas, visit ... Read More

Hypnosis helped put this Texan on death row, his lawyers say. The Supreme Court could soon decide his fate

By Lauren McGaughy 3:37 PM on Sep 9, 2020 UTC−5 Texas law enforcement use hypnosis to investigate dozens of crimes a year. The outcome of a Dallas case could change this controversial practice — and determine the fate of a man on death row. The witness remembered the Volkswagen Beetle, its psychedelic flames visible in ... Read More