Journal _ 8th May 2020

Song: “Drift away” by Dobie Gray

“Nothing is impossible. The world itself says I’m possible”_ Audrey Hepburn

I think back to a thought I shared with someone in a letter when this entire Covid-19 situation began and it was “I’m built for surviving the end of the world”, and you something? I am. I just am. Two days ago, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (CCA) denied my appeal on the hypnosis issue. That result was not totally unexpected. We knew there was at a least 50% chance that could happen when the ex-prosecutor judge in Dallas recommended denial relief on the hypnosis issue. He literally adopted the prosecutor’s recommendation word for word. We call that “rubber stamping” an appeal. So that’s when we lost 18 months ago. It just took that long to see the CCA rubber stamp the Judge’s rubber-stamping of the appeal! That has occurred and now we move on to the next phase. We got a hell of a next phase. Just watch. It’s amazing how the universe operates. Literally a week before I was denied, me and my legal team managed to get my superhero attorney appointed as my lead counsel in Federal Court. Let’s just say she is the TRUTH and having an advocate like her is ¾, so I’m cool. Whatever happens from here on out I’m cool because I have a great legal team. I believe for whatever reason it’s just not time for me to leave this place yet and I accept that. I also accept that the Universe blessed me with the attorney and true friend I need to navigate these waters and take me out of them. Because we’ve got a plan, just hold tight and believe and continue to have faith. It will cost me some more time in this cage, but I’m cool with it. Because I’m built for that and for taking anything else that comes my way!