Journal 9th May 2020

songs: “Cisco kid” and “Lowrider” by WAR

“When we focus on our gratitude, the tide of disappointment goes out and the tide of love rushes in”_ Kirstin Armstrong

A lot has happened and all of a sudden! Thursday these yahoos lifted the medical lockdown because the two positive Covid-19 tests turned out to be positive from the antibodies, that is what you have after you have recovered from Covid-19! So it’s back to the usual thing here and I go outside for recreation shortly. It’s interesting. Two Fridays ago, I went out for my attorney phone call to get the great news that our second motion to substitute lead counsel in Federal Court had been granted. I knew it! The second, the escort popped up at my door unannounced I knew it was G and we had managed that victory. It took two efforts. The first was denied. It took a year to manifest that miracle. Last Thursday the same intuition told me that it was Ben calling me, director of the law office that represents me and it was bad news. I just knew. So it was not a surprise or a shock. It took these devils four years to grant a stay of execution on my case in 2016, to rubber-stamping it in denial of relief in 2020. That’s the time frame we’re working with. As I understood and accepted Thursday morning, it’s not just time yet and it takes two efforts to reach our goals in my legal appeal. I know many are in shock and dismayed at what has happened, please don’t be. I’m not!

I know what we got cooking and I promise you it’s very strong. Like unbelievably when the facts are laid out strong! And with my great legal team ready to ride and make it happen, I’m cool with it! I want and need you to be cool with it too! Because when you are strong, I’m strong. When you are focused and have faith and believe, we will reach our goals. I’m encouraged and reinforced. Your strength and support bolster my strength and faith, and in this manner we can reach our goals. I’m in the midst of this incredible storm the entire world is experiencing. The thing I am most grateful for is the outpouring of love and support everyone continues to send me. This amazing amount of positive energy, the huge wave of love and compassion is more than a match for the negative that has blown into my life. This is why I am able to shake off this kind of disappointment, catch my breath and jump right back into the fray. So please know your importance to me in my life and that you keep me strong even when you are strong. So stay strong, courageous and firm in your faith and belief that everything will be alright. In the meantime I am doing my part here full speed ahead. I am super focused and know what we need to do and I am busy working on that. Again we have the superhero attorney on the team and combined with the other legal team members, we got this thing. Believe me, if I’m not worried or anxious, and it’s my neck that’s on the line, you can take a deep breath and be cool. Because I am cool! I hope these thoughts help everyone deal with my situation. I can handle it. With all you by my side, I can deal with whatever comes our way.