TEXAS DEATH ROW NEWS _ February 18th 2020

And human will is the strongest force ever created. There are those who are born to succeed and those who are determined to succeed. The former fall into it, and the latter pursue it at all costs. They won’t be denied, nothing daunts them.” _ Sherrilyn Kenyon

Have you ever been tested in life to the point where you did not know if you would survive? Pushed to the edge of the abyss, then rammed from behind one more time seemingly in an attempt to send you over? Maybe it was a health situation that turned out to be life or death, or the loss of a loved one, even a financial situation where home and livelihood were lost. If you have ever experienced this kind of situation, then you know what it’s like to be in a place where only your faith in God/Higher Power could help you through. When it’s like your strength, will, courage and resilience will be tested like never before and you will decide to overcome no matter what the cost, or you’ll lay down and accept defeat, leaving a few sad memories and a huge hump in the ground.

For me, being sent to Texas death row was and continues to be the biggest test in my life. From it has come all the ensuing tests and after two decades of being put into the fire and the forging process, I find myself deciding that I am made of worthy mettle and determined to succeed. Nothing will stop me, mo matter what comes my way, I will not be daunted. Some days it’s almost effortless to have this mindset, when I’m strong and at the top of my game, riding a positive wave of energy. Then other days it’s extremely difficult. The oppressive conditions of life in solitary confinement on Texas death row weigh heavily upon my shoulders. Unbelievably, mundane things like the weather add to the burden, because when it’s hot, humid, and allergy season overwhelms, causing hay fever sets in, it’s hard to even think! But the determination is still there because we’re so, so close and one day I will wake up and not be in this cell on Texas death row. I’ll be living the second part of my life in freedom, and far away from here.

This morning I was listening to my radio and I caught a glimpse of what that might be like. There is a new television program called “For life”, co-produced by Curtis “50 cent” Jackson, on ABC. The new drama series is based on the real life story of Isaac Wright Jr who was wrongly convicted as a drug king pin and sentenced to 70 years plus life in prison. Wright trained himself as a lawyer and began working to overturn fellow prisoners convictions which ultimately led to Wright being able to overturn his own conviction and free himself.

The interview I listened to this morning included 50 cent and Isaac Wright. When he was asked how he met Wright and heard his story, 50 cent responded that he’d never heard of anyone given a 70 years sentence plus life. As he was listening to Wright’s story for the first time, he was “google searching” for it to see if it was real, and it was. 50 cent said he could not believe it. And then he began “paying people money” to bring such an amazing example of resilience and overcoming to the world. Because he knew it was very important to tell this story and open the eyes of millions of everyday people to the injustices that go on as everyday occurrences in the criminal justice of the USA.

I cannot properly express how bizarre it is to be a victim of a miscarriage of justice, sitting in a jail on Texas death row while listening to another brother’s success in overcoming, no matter what the odds were. Not only to prevail, but to go on to amazing success which includes making his life story into a legal drama on mainstream television when millions of people will watch and learn about his experience.

When asked what was the most meaningful and important thing about his life story being made into a TV series, Wright said that it was having millions of people learning about what happened to him, Because there were thousands of souls in this situation where he left them. And having millions of people listen to his story will help him bring to light the injustices that occur all the time in our justice system! Those are profound thoughts from a man who lived in the belly of the beast (prison) and has made it out.

I felt that to my core and knew what Isaac Wright Jr meant from personal experience. I think the only thing worse than having 70 years plus life in prison is a death sentence – what I have! So yeah, I felt that totally and completely.

I am so grateful for super stars like 50 cent, who are willing to give support and help bring stories and personal experiences like Isaac Wright Jr’s. To mainstream media, because when the brother said he began paying people to make it happen, he was not talking about hundreds or thousands. No, he was talking about millions of dollars to make a project like this happen and I know 50 cent is one the few stars and producers who have the resources to take on of our stories and make it into a legal drama such as “For life”.

Back to my life. This morning I allowed myself to dream what it might be like to be free and meet people like them, who are interested in putting the spotlight on justice reform across this country, including death row. Because that is part of my dream as well: to tell my story and inform others about the evils of capital punishment and making a difference in the fight to end the death penalty. I’ve recently begun saying super sized prayers asking to be used in big time ways like the above and feel like that is just around the corner for me. I cannot wait for my opportunity to give it my fight, my strength and I have a feeling that it will be soon.