Journal – Oct 3-4-6

Tuesday 10.03.17 – I am now in the Dallas county jail. Last night, after an intake process that took 12 hours, I was put in a cell at 1:30am. To say the least, it was an eventful 24 hours. On Monday 10.2.17, I was told that the transport officers from Dallas county were on their way to pick me up on a bench warrant. I had been waiting on this to happen for 13 months now! Since I was taken back to Polunsky last August. But finally, this next phase in my journey that’s leading me to freedom and justice has begun.

I arrived at a little after 2pm in the afternoon and I called my Mom to let her know I had finally arrived and here I am on the phone! I also called my forever friend Abby to let her know the same. Some 12 hours later I finally made it to a cell and was able to lie down and rest.

The biggest thing about this trip to the Dallas county jail is my access to the telephone. I am allowed to have friends and/or family to deposit funds on my pre-paid debit phone account and as long as I have money I can call people in the free world! This is great for me. The calls cost $5.00 for 20 minutes. It’s awesome to make calls – but they add up fast. But I am trying to connect with as many friends as possible because it’s a special occasion.

I think I will be in the Dallas county jail for a month – maybe more as the situation continues to develop. I am felling good and making the most of my trip back to Big D – Dallas, Texas.

Wednesday 10.4.17 – Today, I was told at breakfast time, 4:30am that I was “going to court” today. This was a BIG surprise and I was not sure how it would go. But the “journey” from the county jail to the court house via three holding cells, walking through underground tunnels with 25 other guys went very uneventfully and by 8 am I was outside the 195th judicial district court room. By about 10 am my attorney Gretchen Sween was there informing me why I was there. She had filed a new motion and our judge held a hearing on our motion. It was a thrilling time to be in the courtroom, the same courtroom where I was sentenced to death 19 years ago. But this time it’s totally and completely different. I have an excellent attorney/legal team who is fighting tooth and nail for my justice and freedom and I am so happy and excited and grateful to have such superb attorneys leading the charge.

The hearing lasted about an hour and it was acceptable for us. We got some of what we wanted but did not get all we asked for. It was good for me too. I was a bit nervous at the beginning of the hearing but about 15 minutes into it we had a quick break and when we came back into the courtroom, my jitters were gone and I was on my “A-Game” and super locked in.

The actual evidentiary hearing is set to begin next Tuesday 10.10.17 and we are ready! I can’t wait!

Friday 10.6.17, 11 :30pm. It’s the week-end in the Dallas County Jail, meaning that it’s « late rack-up nite », and we do not have to go into our cells until 1:00am. So I sit at the table watching  television with about 10 other men, of the 24 men who are in this “tank”. I have been blessed with being put in a tank with guys that all get along reasonably well. There are 10 Latinos, 11 Black guys and 1 white guy in this tank. We get along okay. This evening me and my 5 cell mates (there are 4 cells that hold 6 bunks a piece) made a feast from items we bought off the commissary cart that comes to our tank each day – Monday through Friday. We all chipped in and shared the great feast. The items on the commissary cart are outrageously expensive; but for me it’s a special occasion and I willingly was fleeced on items that are 2 even 3 times as expensive as TDCJ prices. And they’re the same items! But it’s all good!

Last night, I watched NFL-Professional (American) football game and Man! It was awesome. The TV is about a 50-inch flat screen mounted on the wall and I was standing in front of it for 3 hours, yelling and cheering with the other guys as the Patriots beat the Buccaneers. I also received a surprise from my Mom last night! I had not seen her in a long time and it was so good to see her. The visit was only 20 minutes long but I enjoyed every second of it. It’s surreal for me to be in Dallas – a 15-minute drive to the Flores home. So close and I fully intend to get there as soon as possible – and that’s why me and my legal team are there.

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