Hypnotized witness helped put dog’s killer on death row — but grandma’s killer goes free.

Published in "The Dallas Morning News" (US) on Oct 20, 2017 ... Read More

The state’s top appellate court halted Charles Don Flores’ execution last year to allow the trial court to determine whether the hypnosis session amounts to “junk science,” as the defense contends.

The sun wasn’t up yet, but neighbors couldn’t help noticing the Volkswagen Beetle with purple waves that pulled in front of a house on Bergen Lane in Farmers Branch.

Two men got out and went inside the home.

Later that morning, William Black found his wife, Elizabeth “Betty” Black, and their Doberman, Santana, shot to death.

The house had been ransacked. Someone had been looking for — but hadn’t found — $39,000 in cash hidden inside, drug money the couple had been holding on to while their son was in prison.

Days after the murder, the next-door neighbor who had gotten the best look at the two men asked Farmers Branch police to hypnotize her. She wanted to relax so she could describe one of the men she had glimpsed through the blinds that morning. [Read more on “The Morning Dallas News on October 20, 2017]