Journal entries from 6th to 9th August 2020

Journals from 6th to 9th August 2020

Thursday 6th August 2020_

We have been on medical quarantine lockdown for a month straight. A friend here mentioned that this lockdown has felt very long. I think that this is because of the absolute isolation we are enduring. I am really feeling it and I have grown disgusted with the attorneys who represent each death row prisoner. They seem to find it very acceptable to not have to spend more time visiting and communicating with their clients. Understand these devils are still actively trying to murder us all. That is very frustrating for me. The Court judge, prosecutors and appeal attorneys have gotten used to “chilling at home”, doing their work via Zoom, etc. And we are held “excommunicado” in this “New normal”. The tunnel is long and dark with no light to be seen and all anyone can do is continue to move forward. The number one danger are the people who work here, and who leave the unit daily to who knows where, then come back possibly infecting me with Covid-19. Many are unwilling to properly wear their masks, and they are the most dangerous devils of them all. Common sense tells us they do not wear a mask when not at work, seeing they are so reluctant to wear one when they are at work. That means they will be getting infected and in turn become super spreaders on Texas death row. Chilling to think of, but so real and true here.

Friday 7th August 2020

I have realized I need to write more about the day to day life and death row situation in my life on Texas death row now. No one knows who might get sick, who will live or who will die in this situation. So if something should happen to me, others will know how I was sacrificed. This morning, the commanding officer began showers, then at 8 am, they got the order to run recreation. I went to recreation in the day-room for the first time in a month. I wore my mask the entire 2 hours period. Apparently, they are only doing a 25% of the pod population recreation at a time. Instead of allowing all 6 sections (14 men per section) to get out of their cages and have recreation. Only 2 sections were given the opportunity for recreation. In 4 hours, the commanding officers were done with recreation and no one else went out. This does not make any sense we all are solitary single men, alone recreation, so why allow just 25% of death row prisoners to get out of their cells for recreation? We were given a regular “hot” meal this evening for dinner, which was much better than 2 sandwiches. At this point, the quantity of food we get is more important than quality of it. So we got a full tray of food and everyone was happy about that.

Saturday 8th August 2020.

Another Saturday and now it appears as if we are moving into a new phase of reality in life on Texas death row. I woke up to the guards running showers early this morning. But no recreation. We have learned that all of the prisoners who work on the building, in the kitchen and on the clean up crew etc. But they have been allowed back to work.

So it looks like we are having a rush to “open the unit”, selectively, meaning showers daily but absolutely no recreation 7 days a week.

We got a sack lunch breakfast but 2 regular hot tray meals for lunch and dinner. The prisoner kitchen workers are back. For your information, it costs less to give us regular meals than  all them awful sandwich meals, so it works for them.

We have learned that “ecomm” is being allowed to be ordered by friends, family in the free world, again. We have been told that the next opportunity to get commissary will be a full spend, not limited to 15$. this means these people in charge are declaring that no new Covid-19 positive tests have come up. Interesting, when you think about the fact that no new testing has been done since the last go round, when 800 positives were found. Is it possible they are putting out alternative facts on the above?

Sunday 9th August 2020.

Here I am again listening to the news. The world continues to lose its mind. Today, 2 more sections went to recreation. Friday A and F sections had recreation. Today, B and E sections had recreation. It looks like they will skip a day or two, then let another two sections go to recreation. It will amount to us having a chance to recreate one time in a week. Am I supposed to be happy these devils let me out of my cage once a week? Forgive me if I am not! I know the trick when they take your meager privileges then give you half of them back, and you are supposed to be grateful. What they need give us back are our visits. If we have zero positive Covid-19 cases, then we should get visitation. Shouldn’t their alternative facts apply in our favor here as well? Haha. That is insanity. Today is cooler here and I am grateful. The allergy/ hay fever mess has gotten a lot better an I am super grateful for that. I can think a little better and I am trying to write as much as I can. I throw myself into that and I free myself in the process, because I am not here when I write letters to friends. I am there and right now, that is a very attractive place to be. Anywhere but in this hell hole, so I cannot wait to get back to it and in the process leave here!

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  1. Hi, just a thought regarding this lady who is the only “witness” that thinks she saw Charles at the scene of the tragic death of her neighbour, if she passed away before the case gets back to the courts would charles still be charged with the murder? And the other man who is now free was to pass any lie detector test or hypnosis tests saying that Charles flores was not involved with this murder, would the courts accept that admission as fact just as they accepted the witnesses hypnosis test as the truth? They cannot have this both ways and has any policemen lawyers or judges ever been hypnotised themselves for a greater understanding of what hypnosis can and can’t be used for in anyone’s life apart from saying that you could loose weight or some other trivial thing, we are talking about a man’s life being taken because of a certain science that still hasn’t changed in last 30yrs,its hardly a guarantee of 100% success, depending on the person taking this test some being more sensitive than others, bit like Russian roulette don’t always win with that either.

    1. Polygraphs are inadmissible in court so that kind of evidence would not be helpful, unfortunately. I can’t speak to hypnosis but give the intense anti-defendant bias in the Texas judicial system (it’s terrible everywhere but especially in Texas), I’m suspicious they would very much have it both ways and refuse to admit a retraction under hypnosis.

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