Texas Death Row prisoner Robert Pruitt has been given an execution date for October 12, 2017

June 26, 2017

This morning I found myself listening to the noontime news broadcast from the Texas State Network News when I heard the report that Rupert Pruitt has been given another execution date for October 12, 2017.

Once again a friend of mine has been given an execution date and moved to death watch where those who have active execution dates are kept under 24-hour surveillance via CCTV camera in their cells. This time when I heard the awful news I had flashbacks to my time on deathwatch. You see Robert Pruitt was also on death watch with me when I was housed there living under the evil threat of an execution date.

There is something about going through such an experience with another human being. A bond is forged because we made it through that living hell alive. It might seem nice and civil and humane to the outside viewer, seeing a man on Texas death row with an execution date. This is not a third world country where they are physically torturing us before them devils take our lives. They even begin to treat the Texas Death Row prisoner like a human being at the end, but it’s still a living hell.

It is psychological torture not only for the condemned prisoner but for all the family and friends who care for him too. When a person finds himself on death row it’s  not just him living with a death sentence, everyone who cares for him lives with it too.

I lived through that with Robert Pruitt. And I know this is not his first time having an execution date. It’s his fourth or fifth time I believe. Try to wrap your mind around that. It took me a year to get over the trauma I experienced during my five months on death watch. How do you get over four or five more extended stays on death watch? I have no idea.

If nothing else my brother Robert Pruitt know how it goes and what to do while on death watch most importantly he knows the rule – never let them devils see you sweat! I know he will make sure however this trip through living hell ends to never let them see him sweat. Stay strong brother.

Peace Hope & Freedom!

Charles D Flores #999299

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