Journal 7.18.17

Tuesday – The best thing I can receive in TX DR is a visit and today was visit day for me. I woke up this morning thinking about my visit – I refused recreation to go shower early and be ready. By 2 PM I was starting to worry but by 2:50 PM I was being escorted to the visit room and beginning my visit with Abby at 3 PM – in the nick of time! Yahoo! This is my third visit with Abby and she is an amazing friend. I have the best visits ever with her. When we visit the walls of that sucky little cage they put me in fall away, the glass that separates us melts away, taking that stupid phone thing we must speak through with it, and its just us laughing, talking and having the best time ever. That’s why visits are the best thing I can get here. And with a forever friend – they are awesome!

When the visit was over I was feeling great – riding that wave of positive energy a wonderful visit always gives me and was being escorted back to my cell which requires me stopping at the legal booths to strip out – the guards check my clothes etc. to make sure I was not bringing back any WMD! So I turn the corner and my brother Big Tai is in one of the booths. As we strip out we also have a conversation – I got to talk to him for 4-5 minutes and this is important. Big Tai is Taichin Preyor – the next DR prisoner on the execution list. His execution date – the day these devils plan to murder him in the name of justice – is July 27, 2017. I ask him what’s the word on his appeal? He responds that what is legal team is saying “sounds good” – we’ll see. Then he smiles and tells me he’s on his was over there where I’m to to eat some enchiladas! Meaning these devils won’t get him – he’ll win a stay and be moved off death watch to the pod where I’m at. So it is in our hearts and minds may it be in the third dimension I told my brother I loved him and he told me he loves me even more. Now I’m in my cell and I can’t stop thinking about him.