Texas Death Row News 8.11.17

November 16, 2017 Execution Date set for Texas Death Row Prisoner Larry Swearingen

Texas Death Row prisoner Larry Swearingen has been given an execution date for November 16, 2017 by the State of Texas. Swearingen, who is 46 years old, has been on Texas death row since July 2000, and we’ve been friends since 2002. In the 15 years that I’ve known Larry he has always been focused on working to prove that he was a victim on an injustice that sent him to Texas death row. He has also always been willing to help others with their case. In an environment that was designed to isolate prisoners from each other, Swearingen is always willing to help a fellow prisoner who is wanting to help himself. That speaks volumes of him.

In the news report that was aired yesterday, it was reported that Swearingen has DNA testing still pending in his case. He has filed a civil law suit to have this DNA testing done and now this lawsuit will move to the front and center of his legal efforts. In spite of this, the bloodthirsty State of Texas has achieved it’s goal of setting an execution date hoping to push Swearingen out of existence in a revenge murder on Movemeber 16, 2017.

The thing about having an execution date set is that so much effort is put into maneuvering the Texas death row prisoner into this situation including the trial, conviction and sentence, the denial of multiple appeals, etc. The momentum that this massive effort has put into it by the prosecutors makes it extremely difficult to stop them. This is why all of the execution dates set in the State of Texas are so serious.

When I heard the news that Larry had this execution date set I thought of the last time I saw him at visitation while he was seeing his elderly mother. His mother will also be put thought the trauma of having her son being subjected to the real threat of an execution date again. You see, this is not the first time Swearingen has been given an execution date and each time he is forced to go through this his mother is too. I know that’s not easy as I have first hand experience with my mother. Whenever a death row prisoner is given an execution date his loved ones are also given one.

I know my friend Larry Swearingen well and there is no giving up in him. If there is a way to stop this execution he will find it. There is no other was for us to be in this new age death camps. Fight tooth and nail my brother and give it all you got! Give the situation your absolute best effort and no matter how bad they want it, never let them devils see you sweat!

Power in the struggle for life!

August 11, 2017

Charles Don Flores

Texas Death Row prisoner #999299