Journal 8.8.17

Tuesday – This morning I was pleasantly surprised with a visit with the Rev. He has been ill and I’ve not seen him in over a month and I have been thinking of him a lot. Well he surprised me at 8 am this morning. He was doing okay – and we have a great time together as always. I always learn something in each visit with the Rev. So his presence in my life is a Blessing. I hope he gets back to visiting us on a monthly basis – I need that in my life.

Today is a very special day. Twenty six years ago today my forever friend Abby was born. I hope and pray you have a fantastic birthday Abby Lady – one that’s spend with those you love celebrating life! You’re only 20 something once so you must live each day to the fullest, giving your max effort so you squeeze the most out of Life! Max effort = no regrets.