Last Thursday morning, I was unexpectedly told that I was being taken back to Polunsky. At first, it was a very unpleasant shock as both me and my attorneys were sure that I’d stay in Dallas County Jail until after the closing arguments in early December 2017. But after I was taken out of the North Tower Tank I’d been housed in and put in a holding cell waiting on my transport back to Dallas I was really not surprised. My being sent back to Polunsky is the work of the prosecution – and they are trying to kill me! So, how can I be surprised? For the past 2 years, the lead prosecutor in my case has had an irrational, unprofessional and unethical hate towards me. This prosecutor Jaclyn Lambert has not once acted in a professional manner with my attorneys when hashing out the details of our hearing. So why should we be surprised to know that she is so petty and small as to “take the telephone, TV and visits away” just to be mean? So no, I’m not surprised at all. Ms. Prosecutor Lady wanted to send me back and lock me in my cell with my typewriter and my thoughts – well I am going back to write about it and keep writing until I go back to Dallas County. Because I WILL go back in about 3 weeks time to attend the closing arguments. By law I must be there at my evidentiary hearing. So being back at Polunsky has narrowed my focus and all my energy will go toward writing. Thank you for sending me back to death row. I needed my typewriter Ms. Prosecutor Lady!

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