2 thoughts on “Journal – 10/11/17”

  1. Dear Charles,

    I am so pleased to read this report and hope to read the following ones soon. Carmen sent this to me….I’ll add my email so it can be sent to me.
    I’m sure the Lord is with you in this. Open your heart to Him.

  2. I was here for this one, and I learned some things from Charlie here even though I took careful notes. I got the chance to discuss this with him in a visit afterwards. One thing that I noticed was the poor performance of the prosecution team. They failed to make objections even when they had found the judge would sustain all their objections. That really gave Dr. Kevora the chance to keep a steady pace in uncovering the problems involved with witness testimony. It was a privilege to meet with hear afterwards and a great pleasure to give her a copy of Charlie’s memoir on death row, Warrior Within, available on this website.

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