Journal January 2020_ continued

January 24th 2020 @ 12 (Noon)

Song : “Break up in the end” by Cole Swindell

“The early bird catches the early worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese”_ Anonymous

I had an attorney visit with Ben, one of my legal team member and he informed me that the appellate court has requested the video recording of the hypnosis process the police conducted on the only eye witness in my case. This can only be seen as GOOD NEWS. The appeal court wants to know all the details on why the police hypnotized the witness and exactly what effect did it have on this person. Like I said, it’s good news and I am happy about it. After 16 months, the appellate court is starting to move on my case and I am ready for it. I am ready to complete the transition into part II of my life, one that is far away from death row.

I remember the visit I had with my mother and my brother on the Friday afternoon I was granted a stay of execution. I was down to 5 days of life before they murdered me. And I told my mum that it was like we were at the casino and we were betting all the chips on that final appeal. But here was the deal: it was the best appeal that had ever been filed on my case. And if the court of appeals took a fair look at it, we’d be given a stay of execution. Not only that, but eventually that appeal would get me all the way back home. So I could take care of her. I still believe that, and have absolute faith in that. It’s just a matter of time and before we know it, we’ll wake up and that dream, that goal will be my reality. If only Mom were here to see it happen.

January 26th 2020 @ 12 (Noon)

Song: “See you again” by Charlie Puth + Wiz Khalifa

“Believe me, a wise man never says “I will live tomorrow”. Tomorrow is too late. Live today!” Marcus Valerius Martialis.

Today, the basketball star Kobe Bryant and 8 more people lost their lives in a helicopter crash. It is at times like this that the entire world is reminded how short and fragile life is. For me, it underscores how small and meaningless the disagreements that come up between those in my life are, and how I need to continue to do all I can to mend any bridges/relationships that need it. Sometimes we get to think we’ll be around forever and we’ll never die. Other people will pass away but we’ll live forever. Which is of course crazy. Death is the great equalizer. No matter how famous you are or how much money you have. When you are no longer amongst the living, none of that matters. You’re just as dead as a wino who lived under a bridge for the past 20 years. If you are a lion or a tiger, the biggest predator in nature or a tiny ant, when you’re gone, you’re gone. I feel for those who lost their loved ones and hope they can make it through this terrible tragedy. I think of the loved ones who have passed and know how difficult that can be. The radio DJ’s are talking about it and one said that life was short and fragile. If you have a loved one you have an issue with, call them and work it out. Do not wait until it’s too late. Great advice, and if only I could get them to answer! That’s life….

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