Journal 8.28.17

Monday – This morning I woke up to a “no movement” status on DR because only half the usual number of guards came to work. They do not have enough guards to run the building on the normal schedule – recs, showers, etc. I am in a corner in this building so all I see is the all in the pod next to me and a piece of the sky above. It’s a bit maddening and quite surreal to hear all that is happening around us on the radio and not be all to see anything except the rain fall that seems to be non-stop. Earlier this morning the drain on the run between me and the cell next to me began to spit water out of it and run into my cell. Not good at all. I was able to stop the flow and barricaded the bottom of the door and cleaned up that nasty water. But white it was happening I thought to myself “what if I can’t stop it?” So as soon as I did I packed my property and will be ready to get out of this cell if it happens again. I will not stay in a cell with sewer water running into it. So that was the first consequence of Hurricane Harvey here on DR.