Journal 8.29.17

Tuesday – Still no movement so I “showered” in my cell and am keeping glued to different news broadcasts on the radio. Today’s forecast is 4-6 inches of rain in Livingston. I think if we make it through today with no flood negative events we might be out of the woods. I can see the ... Read More

Journal 8.28.17

Monday – This morning I woke up to a “no movement” status on DR because only half the usual number of guards came to work. They do not have enough guards to run the building on the normal schedule – recs, showers, etc. I am in a corner in this building so all I see ... Read More

Death Row News – August 28, 2017

DEATH ROW NEWS – AUGUST 28, 2017. « HURRICANE HARVEY AFFECTS POLUNSKY UNIT TEXAS DEATH ROW » I have been on Texas death row since 1999 and in my 18+ years of being confined at this infamous prison I have lived through hurricane Katrina and hurricane Ike, which were harrowing experiences no doubt. Because of this when ... Read More

Journal 8.25.17

Friday – I woke up this morning and did my laundry so it would dry by the time the rain begins. The storm is now a hurricane, Harvey, and is expected to hit Corpus Christi, TX as a category III hurricane with winds at 120 mph, rain, even tornadoes. I have been listening to the ... Read More

Journal 8.24.17

Thursday – I can’t help but think about the pending storm and now it has affected me personally. I hoped to visit my friend Abby today, but when I heard that the rain and flooding could begin as early as today I knew Abby would not travel from Austin and visit. She is now one ... Read More