Journal 7.27.17

Thursday – Today is my brother Taichin Preyor’s execution date. This is the date the State of Texas has chosen to murder him in the name of justice and if the state has their way, he will not see tomorrow. It is especially difficult for me to think about the men who I have grown close to being pushed out of existence. When their time gets close it makes me think of my time spent staring death in the eye and getting less than a week away from my own execution.

I think I’d been on death watch of 45-60 days when these devils brought Big Tai into the section. That was the LAST thing I wanted to see. It’s hard enough coping with my situation how in the hell was I supposed to deal with one of my best friends being readied for slaughter just like me? It was almost too much to bear. I was grateful that Big Tai’s attorney was able to persuade the judges to withdraw his execution date so he was only on death watch for maybe a month. But earlier this year he was given another execution date and has been back on death watch for three months.

Today at noon and at 5 PM I listened to the Texas State News Network update on Big Tai and they say his appeal is pending on the US Supreme Court. I am afraid that is not very good news. The Supreme Court rarely stops executions. I have now listened to the execution watch and know his final appeal was filed at 4 PM. This will be stretched out until the night time.