2 thoughts on “Charles’ Faith Based Program (FPB) Certificates”

  1. Charles, I am thrilled that you have joined the ranks of our Lord and that HE is using you to help others find a new deep life in Him. The Christian walk is never easy as the “enemy” is ever present, as Peter reminds us in his little epistle. I know I need daily to spend a good amount of time in reading my Bible and praying even though I have been a believer for years. I know you are a reader and involve yourself in ideas and now you have a wonderful mission ahead of you to share your new faith with others who are calling out for deep changes…I will certainly pray for you and I will share your step of faith with Carmen…..

  2. Congratulations on your completion of the “Bridges to Life”. So good to hear about your positive attitude, and changes for the better. I pray for you daily. I Pray you continue to stay positive.
    With love,
    Sandra McCullough

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