Words That Sustain Me: Peace Like a River

This month’s book, “Peace Like A River” by Leif Enger, is a fantastic book. In it, the author spins a rich, old-fashioned yarn about brotherhood, family, faith and the cosmic battle of good versus evil. As one reviewer put it, “it’s a tale fill of magical plot twists and supernatural flights of fancy.” This book ... Read More

Words That Sustain Me: Reflections on “Tattoos on the Heart” – part 3

Chapter 5. Slow Work. This chapter is opened by the story of Omar and his asking how many homies has G buried? Father Greg replied, “Seventy-five, son.” (Today the number would be one hundred and sixty-eight.) To which Omar replied, “Damn G, when’s it gonna end?” And G replied, “Mijo, it will end the minute ... Read More

Words That Sustain Me: Reflections on “Tattoos on the Heart” – part 2

Chapter 2. Dis-Grace. This chapter was a tuff one. Much to my shame, I have been the one who has mistaken another’s suffering for an interruption. And I have been like Carmen, a disgrace to the people who loved me the most. I was a disgrace to my parents, most especially, for living a life ... Read More

Words That Sustain Me: Reflections on “Tattoos on the Heart” – part 1

READ!!! READ!!! READ SOME MORE!!! “With That Moon Language” Admit something: Everyone you see, you say to them, “Love me.” Of course you do not do this out loud Otherwise, Someone would call the cops. Still though, think about this, This great pull in us to connect. Why not become the one Who lives with ... Read More

Faith Based Program Graduation Reflection

“You are here moving in our midst we worship you, we worship you. You are here working in this place we worship you, we worship you. Way maker miracle worker light in the darkness my God that is who you are.” — “Way maker”, song sung on the Faith Based Program Texas death row. On ... Read More

Words That Sustain Me: A Man Called Ove Discussion Questions

A Man Called Ove is a beloved book club selection: a heartwarming tale about a grumpy old man that is a thoughtful exploration of the profound impact one life has on many others. “If there was an award for ‘Most Charming Book of the Year,’ this first novel by a Swedish-blogger-turned-overnight-sensation would win hands down” ... Read More

Faith Based Program Graduation!

Eighteen months ago, I began a journey as part of the first ever class of the faith based program on Texas death row. When we began this walk no one knew what to expect and the adventure we would go on to experience would be amazing. For me, it changed my life. I wanted and ... Read More

Words That Sustain Me: My Elevator Ride – Part 2

  In this post, Charlie continues his imagining of his own Elevator ride, inspired by our April book club book “Long Way Down” by Jason Reynolds.  Please be sure to read Part 1 here. THIRD FLOOR. As the elevator doors slide open I see my brother Juan Elias, and he appears as he did when ... Read More

Words That Sustain Me: My Elevator Ride – Part 1

“Long Way Down”, by Jason Reynolds, is a book about a kid named Will, who’s fifteen years old and is struggling to decide whether or not to take revenge on the guy he thinks murdered his older brother, Shawn. This struggle us summed up in the new LWD musical’s tagline: “Sixty seconds, Seven Floors, Three ... Read More

Words That Sustain Me: The Rules of The Redeemed – Part 2

“The Rules of The Redeemed, of The Vessels Who Were Once Broken But Are Now Made  Whole Through Him.” One of the saddest parts about this month’s book Long Way Down was when Jason Reynolds wrote this about the rules: ANOTHER THING ABOUT THE RULES They weren’t meant to be broken. They were meant for ... Read More