Faith Based Program Graduation!

Eighteen months ago, I began a journey as part of the first ever class of the faith based program on Texas death row. When we began this walk no one knew what to expect and the adventure we would go on to experience would be amazing. For me, it changed my life. I wanted and needed a change and I’m grateful for that. I learned so much about myself and who I really am.

Now the faith based program has come to an end. On May 26,2023, we will have our final celebration that will mark the completion of the program. This will be a day of joy and praise as we’re going to have a hallelujah good time! Our guest will include Big Sky John Montana and Bikers For Christ, Texas Prison Outreach and several other brothers and sisters. We’ll have a grand feast, break bread together and have a party!

Our faith based program section will sing the following songs a capella for our guests:

“Rattle”, by Elevation Worship

“Amazing Grace”

“Blessed Assurance”

“In The House”, by Crowder

So, know we’re having a great time an I’ll let you know how it went next week!

Love Peace Hope!


One thought on “Faith Based Program Graduation!”

  1. Dear Charles, I am so glad for you that you have enjoyed this program. We all need encouragement in our “REAL” faith…..and your final program must have been excellent. You are still there and the Lord is using you. One’s own experience is a powerful “message ” to others along with the WORD.
    I am planning another 2 month visit to Thollon, France in Sept. and Oct. with a good friend. I have neuropathy so have trouble walking and it will be a blessing to have a friend with me. My prayers are with you, Juanita

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