Texas Death Row Inmates Push For Forensic Hypnosis Ban

Published in CBS Local News on May 14, 2018 ... Read More

AUSTIN (AP) — Two Texas death row inmates are pushing for the state to ban forensic hypnosis in criminal cases.

The Dallas Morning News reports that hypnosis played a critical part in the arrest and conviction of 48-year-old Charles Don Flores and 37-year-old Kosoul Chanthakoummane. Both men allege their convictions were based on “junk science” and their executions have been delayed.

Texas has the most robust forensic hypnosis program in the U.S. Police officers are trained statewide to sharpen or recall witnesses’ lost memories. The Texas Rangers say they’ve conducted two dozen hypnosis sessions over the past two years.
Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Tom Vinger says hypnosis is used by trained professionals in only a few cases. He says information obtained through hypnosis must be corroborated with other information or evidence. [Read more on CBS Local]