Texas Death Row News – October 22, 2022

“We all got a date, be it here on ‘life row’ or out in the freeworld. Our task is to have our heart and mind right with Jesus Christ so we’ll be ready when that date comes.”–John “Big Sky” Montana.
  1. Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Ministry! Have you ever heard of them? They are just that, a group of Harley-Davidson motorcyle rideing bikers-Christian brothers who are active in prison ministry, and their leader is John “Big Sky” Montana. Big Sky is what you probably expect a biker dude to look and sound like except for one thing. He follows the Lord Jesus Christ and that vida loca drinking, drugging and giving it hell is definitely not part of the program! Bikers For Christ were here to worship with us on the faith based program (FBP), to encourage and to also be encouraged Friday, October 21, 2022.

Big Sky is one cool brother and he shoots straight, tells it like it is and says some of the realest, truest, and funniest things. He’s been there and done that, lived the life that most of us have experienced and by the grace of God did not end up in a cell for the rest of his life. So, whenever Big Sky goes to places like prison or death row, he always commands the honor and respect he deserves, and people stop and listen to him. On Friday, Bikers for Christ were here early at Sam and they had the Polunsky unit’s chapel band with them, band members Carlos, Tee and 33 were ready to play. At 8:30am the band and field ministers were on our pod setting up the sound equipment and I had a feeling we were going to have a really great service.

Bikers For Christ learned about the Texas death row FBP through one of our field ministers who is a coordinator, Terry Solley. Solley and Big Sky’s son, John both attended and graudated from seminary together, and since then Big Sky and Bikers for Christ have been visiting and are a blessing for us.

“We all need God don’t we? We need Jesus Christ don’t we? God has a plan for everybody, that’s why Bikers For Christ is back to be with ya’ll.”–John “Big Sky” Montana.

I have been on Texas death row for twenty-three years. In that time I’ve exchanged with letters with many people from all over the world. Whenever the topic of God comes up, I have always shared with my friends that it is easy to say that you do not believe in God, there is no evidence that God exists, etc. because you have never been in a situation where the only thing that can sustain you is God. you know when you need God? When you mother and father die in a car crash when they are on their way to your house for Thanksgiving dinner. when your husband or wife has terminal brain cancer and the love of your life is dying just a little bit every day and you are there witnessing it. When you are sent to death row for the worst day of your life. Or worse! You are sent to death row for a crime that you are innocent of. That is when you need god. These are situations where no amount of money, influence or resources can change. When you face these kinds of troubles in your life, you will understand why Big Sky says that we all need God. He’s been there and done that and he understands. So do I, and I know that for me, my belief in the Lord has gotten me through the most difficult times in my life.

  1. “The Devil is like the Wizard of Oz. Defeated but he still wants to act like he is still in charge.” –“Maytag”, Biker For Christ.

“Maytag”, was one of the Bikers For Christ who spoke Friday. He told us they call him Maytag because he was the agitator of the group, but today he had come to turn his agitation into motivation and he had some very good things to share. Maytag reminded us of the damage we do to our testimony when we are hyprocrites. Because the world, (non-christians) are always watching and listening, the moment we do not walk the walk that matches our talk, whoever sees this is discouraged and says, “You are doing that and you claim to be a christian? Why would I want to be like you?” Maytag reminded us of the apostle Paul’s letter to the Christians in Ephesus, and how in Ephesians 6:10-20, Paul talks about putting on the whole armor of God”, and keeping it on. Not to be taking it off, then putting it back on and off again, because Satan knows our weaknesses and he will attack when you have the Lord’s armor off. He really hit home when he told us that the devil was like the lilizard of Oz, defeated (by Christ’s sacrifice on the cross) but still runing around trying to act like he is still in charge. The thing about that is YOU have to believe the devil’s lie and be convinced that he is in charge for his mess to work on you!

Jose, was the next Biker for Christ to share with us. He began by telling us what a blessing we were to them, how they come here to uplift and encourage, and we do that for them. Personally, I wish I could experience our worship and praise from outside this cell. We have been singing and worshiping with the brothers who are part of the chapel band for ten months. So when we sing songs like, “In The House,” or “Redeemed,” or ” I Can Only Imagine,” these concrete walls ring with glory and praise for the Lord that comes from over thirty men singing together.

As we sing and praise, I can see our visitors singing and praising with us, and how it effects them. They raise their hands and put their face up to the heavens as the feel the Holy Spirt swirling around in this space. I can also feel it in here in my cell but it would be so special to experience the Spirit of the Lord being manifested from outside this prison cell.

“And we know all things work together for the good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.”–romans 8:28.

“Lockdown”, was the next brother who shared. He is called, “Lockdown” because he served eight years in prison. While he did those eight years he said he went through very difficult times including losing his mother while in prison, but God gave him peace and joy. He said that Romans 8:28 was his favorite Scripture and what got him through his troubles while doing time. Lockdown shared with us that we are with him daily, we are part of his testimony for Christ. He tells every one about the brothers on life row and how we’re all waiting on an execution date, but choose to worship and praise the Lord like there is no tomorrow. That really touched me and made me feel good. This brother is spreading the word and using us as an example for the Lord!

  1. “Don’t give the devil a ride because he’ll want to drive!” –Big Sky Montana.

Finally, Big Sky spoke. Again, Big Sky looks exactly like you might expect a biker to look like. He’s a big guy, long grey beard, black t-shirt, jeans, boots and he serves it up raw and uncut. He talked about us all having dates and our job was to use today to get ready for when that date comes. He also told us that people ask him when he visits people in the hospital does he go to pray for them? He said no! HE goes to ask them if they will take Jesus as their Lord and savior before it is too late. That He and Bikers for Christ were real about their ministry because Jesus Christ was real. Man, I felt that big time. E have to be ready because tomorrow is promised to no one.

Then Big Sky said that we have to be real about living for the Lord as well, we can’t go back and entertain the, “old man” inside of us. You know, that old joker who got us put in this prison cell? That one! He said don’t give the devil a ride because he’s going to want to drive! haha! We all laughed at that. you know why? Because it is true. Giving the devil a ride is when you, a professed Christian goes out with non-christian friends for drinks at a bar. Or you meet a really lovely girl and she likes to smoke weed so you smoke with her because you “Like” her. You have as much business as the man on the moon smoking weed or going to the bar for drinks. Because in a week, you can easily be carrying around your own bag weed to smoke like you used to, or going to that bar everyday for drinks like you used to! That’s giving the devil a ride and him ending up driving before you know it.

Big Sky said we can all be gone tomorrow and that is why we have to be serious about our walk with the Lord. We can’t go back and entertain the old man inside of us. Instead of giving the devil a ride, focus on Jesus and living free of the “flesh”. Because Satan is here to destroy. Destroy your family, destroy your friends and also destroy you! That the devil’s desire is to steal, kill, and destroy. If we participate in a Satan driven world, (remember that drinking at the bar and smoking weed with that pretty girl? It starts there) all we end up with is nothing but prison time or sitting on death row. I can relate, I have been there and done that and have had a belly full of it too. Better to live for the Lord!

“If your not on fire yet, your wood must be wet!”-Big Sky Montana.

Big Sky closed with letting us know that when they come to be with us they take off two days from work, from being with their families and from doing their thing. While they are doing this they are praying for us. He and Bikers For Christ asked us to write down prayer requests on pieces of paper with uor names and they would pray for that too. As we closed we sang “I Can Only Imagine” and it was very special and moving. Everyone was singing and praising God and after we finished singing that Big Sky said if you were not on fire (with the Holy spirit!) your wood must be wet! Haha! We all laughed some more at what he said. Big Sky left us with this thought, if Jesus Christ can change an old dope friend like him the Lord can do it for anybody! I say amen to that! Thank you brother for all you do for us!

Charles D. Flores No:999299
Texas Death row FBP

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