Amicus Curiae Brief filed by the Innocence Project

The Innocence Project brief agrees that the scientific understanding of memory and the ability of hypnosis to distort memory and inflated confidence in false memories has developed considerably since the time of Charles’s trial. Download the Amicus Curiae Brief in PDF filed by the Innocence Project in support of Charles Don Flores. Download Brief of ... Read More

Designed To Break You Report by Human Rights Clinic

Human Rights Violations on Texas’ Death Row – By Human Rights Clinic, University of Texas School of Law The State of Texas stands today as one of the most extensive utilizers of the death penalty worldwide. Consequently, inmate living conditions on Texas’ death row are ripe for review. This report (download in PDF) demonstrates that ... Read More

2016 Charles Don Flores Final Appeal

On May 18th, 2016, Charles Don Flores’ attorney filed his final appeal focusing on the issue that the hypnotized witnesses false identification was unreliable, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeal issued a stay of execution and ordered an evidentiary hearing on the issue of junk science/hypnosis. Download this legal document in PDF ... Read More