3 thoughts on “November 15 & 16, 2017

  1. Dear Charles,

    I was pleased to read all the good things that have happened to you recently. I’m sure Carmen is pleased as well…..Seems you are in very good hands, hands that care….
    How lovely to have the visit from your French friend.
    It is cold here now and we had 1 ft. of snow the other a.m.
    I don’t go out of course with this broken foot and am suppose to stay laying down or in a slanted position…..Hard as I have many things to do that require I sit at my table. I have MANY visitors so don’t get a chance to get bored.
    May our Lord bless you -give Him your heart as He cares for you.

  2. i’m not sure that my comment went through so I will write another..
    I was thrilled with all the positive things happening to you lately. God is watching out for you.

  3. Hi Charles,

    I’m sorry to see that you are back at the Polunsky Unit but so pleased that you were able to have quality time with your fabulous friend, Laurent.

    I sent my letter & a magazine to Dallas this week so will now write quickly to you at the Polunsky. Sue has been keeping me up to date.

    Thinking of you. Your courage, determination and brightness to life when in such a dark place is so admirable.

    With all good wishes


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