Journal – Oct. 23, 26 & 29, 2017

Monday 10.23.17. I find myself writing a week after the evidentiary hearing live testimony has wrapped up. I have gotten some much needed rest managing to sleep maybe 6 hours at a time. I feel better. I met with my attorneys last Thursday and was told that there was a very good article about my case in the Dallas Morning newspaper this week. Apparently, the reporter attended all 3 days of the hearing and I look forward to the day – December 4, 2017 – when we have closing arguments and address every question there might be of the “corroborating evidence” the rogue prosecutors created to win their conviction against me.

My attorney also says she has been contacted by the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (TCADP) who wants to work with us on my case. And the National Innocence Project wants to also be part of the legal team that will see me free. We welcome everyone! The more the merrier! It’s just a matter of time till I am free.

Thursday 10.26.17. I have been moved to a new tank and it has been a big blessing. The previous tank was filled with youngsters who face serious crimes and long prison sentences and more than a few guys who were “weak” were beaten up and made to leave. We then had the TV go out for 2 days and it got worse. Several more were made to leave. And today the guards told us all we were moving! They broke that aggravated tank up. I’m just fine; the bully boys know who to try and who not to try, not to mention I made them “friends” right away!

Well moving is rarely a good thing but this time was an exception. I am in a 28-man tank that’s twice as big as the old one. I now am housed in a cell with one other person-cell mate and this cell is almost the size of my cell on Polunsky. There are 14 cells in total in this tank with a large day room, TV, phones etc. Things are much calmer here and I have a good cell mate named Raymond. He’s 20 years old and just received 55 years for robbery and is waiting to go to TDCJ. He’s just beginning and I am ending my journey through this awful place.

Sunday 10.29.17. I have gotten very comfortable in my new surroundings and now sit in my cell at the desk and write this entry. I realize just how stressed out I was in that 6-man cell with those other guys. Much, much better to have some alone-quiet time in my new spot while my “cellie” is in the dayroom watching TV. American football is on and the game is good. I had fortune shining on me when I ended up with Raymond as my cellmate. I have a little feast planned to cook a little later on and I’ll give half to my cellie. We look out for each other and that’s a blessing.

Now that I’m on this good tank where everyone is much more quiet and low key I realize the other aggravated tank was a mad house! I’m an old hand at “doing time” and can do it anywhere but if I had my choice it would be on a laid back tank like this! I’m enjoying this to the fullest.

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