Journal 7.31.17

Monday – Back into working at getting as much done as I can each and every day. I am super aware of what is to come in the very near future so I’ve got to get as much done as I can today. here lately I choose to refuse recreation and keep my focus and … Continue reading “Journal 7.31.17”

Journal 7.28.17

Friday – My brother Tiachin Preyor was executed last night. He was pronounced dead at 9:22 PM. I HATE THIS PLACE.

Journal 7.27.17

Thursday – Today is my brother Taichin Preyor’s execution date. This is the date the State of Texas has chosen to murder him in the name of justice and if the state has their way, he will not see tomorrow. It is especially difficult for me to think about the men who I have grown … Continue reading “Journal 7.27.17”

Journal 7.26.17

Wednesday – Today is letter writing day. I’ve not been able to write as I had wanted to with my legal writing and summaries to be done as well. I am doing more letters to get caught up with family and friends all over. I am feeling good about that – when I write I … Continue reading “Journal 7.26.17”

Looking forward – July 25, 2017

Looking forward – July 25, 2017. « If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible but if you schedule it, it’s real. » — Anthony Robbins. [Charles Don Flores is an innocent man of Mexican-American descent on Texas death row for a murder that Rick Childs, a white man, confessed and … Continue reading “Looking forward – July 25, 2017”

Journal 7.25.17

Tuesday – It’s been a long day and I’ve gotten a lot done. I have written the article requested by Sergine for the ACAT newsletter. I was waiting to do that as I needed the new evidentiary hearing date. Not that is done and I feel good about it. I am thinking about the months … Continue reading “Journal 7.25.17”

Journal 7.24.17

Monday – This morning I received a letter from my attorneys confirming my new evidentiary hearing date for October 11, 2017. There will be a 30 day delay – I can deal with that. I am not happy about it, but I will manage. I am ready to have the hearing today – to be … Continue reading “Journal 7.24.17”

Journal 7.24.17

Monday – Woke up to it raining and how it clears up by noon because its’ my day for outdoor recreation – sun! Got a letter from my attorney and the new evidentiary hearing date is October 11th 2017. It will begin then. I an grateful the unknown was taken from me and now we … Continue reading “Journal 7.24.17”

Journal 7.22.17

Saturday – Today is letter writing day. It’s the weekend – no recreation so I can focus on what needs to be done and not be distracted. For the past two weeks I’ve been on legal writing and had to power through all of that. When I go back to Dallas County I will not … Continue reading “Journal 7.22.17”

Journal 7.20.17

Thursday – I’ve been getting a lot of work done writing all day and sometimes into the night. This morning I got a letter from my attorney and was informed that our evidentiary hearing will be moved into October. One of our experts had a family emergency and could not be at the hearing, so … Continue reading “Journal 7.20.17”