Texas Death Row prisoner Robert Pruett has been given an execution date for October 12, 2017

June 26, 2017 This morning I found myself listening to the noontime news broadcast from the Texas State Network News when I heard the report that Rupert Pruett has been given another execution date for October 12, 2017. Once again a friend of mine has been given an execution date and moved to death watch ... Read More

Journal 7.18.17

Tuesday – The best thing I can receive in TX DR is a visit and today was visit day for me. I woke up this morning thinking about my visit – I refused recreation to go shower early and be ready. By 2 PM I was starting to worry but by 2:50 PM I was ... Read More

Texas Death Row prisoner William Rayford has been given an execution date for January, 30 2018

This past Friday night I was listening to the Prison Show radio program when I heard the news that William Rayford has been given an execution date for January 30, 2018. I heard someone talking about this a few days ago and until now it was only rumor and not confirmed news. Now I know ... Read More

Texas Death Row News

June 12, 2017 Texas Death Row prisoner Clinton Lee Young has been given an execution date for October 26, 2017. Last Thursday, June 8, I was in my cell listening to the Texas State Network News noon report when I heard the news that Clinton Lee Young had been given an execution date for October ... Read More

Looking Forward – Dreaming

June 11, 2017 “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality.”          –John Lennon Dear Friends, As I sit in this 9×12 foot cell that I’ve been locked away in for nearly two decades I think back to when I was first sent ... Read More

Looking Forward – Forever Friends

By: Charles D Flores #999299 June 4, 2017 I began this epic saga/journey/nightmare, whatever name fits best, in 1999. Over 19 years ago I was sent to Texas Death Row for a crime I did not commit and I’ve been fighting for my life ever since. To put it mildly, this 19 year experience in ... Read More

Chance of a Lifetime – Evidentiary Hearing

By: Charles D Flores, #999299 Monday, May 29, 2017 I have a brother here named Big G and not too long after I won the stay of execution and evidentiary hearing I was blessed to be moved to a cell near Big G which gave me a confidant I could talk to. Now G is ... Read More


WHERE AS I, CHARLES DON FLORES, being an American of Mexican descent on death row for a crime I did not commit; I MUST--Live my life in gratitude and give my love and forgiveness to those who stand with me and also those who do not; I MUST--Learn all the lesson's life continues to teach me & in turn share what I experience with others, to listen and learn, love, forgive, and live each day to the fullest ... Read More

The Life and Death Consequences of a New Scalia-Like US Supreme Court Justice on Death Row Prisoners in Texas and Across the USA

By: Charles Flores #999299, Texas Death Row February 2017 When Donald J. Trump was elected president of the USA, out best hope of a progressive US Supreme Court bring created by the appointment of a liberal and progressive Justice went up in flames. To a Texas Death Row prisoner, this is the most important issue ... Read More